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Holy Quran, the Source of Guidance for all Muslims

While enrolling in an institute or organizers the connoisseur handed a list of contents to beginner or novice that he needs to learn and achieve prior awarding degree. The world is also an institute and the course of contents all are ascribed in ALLAH’S book of guidance already that ALLAH has revealed upon His last messenger

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The contents almost comprise of everything minor issues and exuberating divinity. This book of guidance The Holy Quran has declared the source to award distinction at the day of Qiyamah or day of resurrection when all people will be gathered in the court of Supreme Judge and answerability will proceed in compliance according to their committed acts and deeds.

For the sanctity and authenticity and of Holy Quran alone this fact is suffice that it is the world of ALLAH coded in Arabic, full of guidance for the simple comprehension of Humankind.

ALLAH says in Holy Quran, verse 16:83

And [mention] the Day when We will resurrect among every nation a witness over them from themselves. And We will bring you, [O Muhammad], as a witness over your nation. And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims.

Purpose of Holy Quran Revelation

Revelation of Holy Quran is not the first revelation of ALLAH but it’s a last revelation, which will remain source of Hidayah for all humanity until the Day of Resurrection or Qiyamah. The reason has itself clarified by the Book of miracles as:

Verse 31:3 of Holy Quran

“As guidance and mercy for the doers of good.”

Verse 2:3-4 of Holy Quran as:

“Who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them, And who believe in what has been revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what was revealed before you, and of the Hereafter they are certain [in faith].”

Holy Quran bestows insight upon human showing the right and straight path to the Muslims by quoting accounts of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His followers. The Book of ALLAH that is the Holy Quran motivates a person through exhortation, admonitions and parables to save from aversion.

Holy Quran has Each and Everything that a Man Wants to know

Holy Quran is easy to understand portal for all the fellow beings. Holy Quran guides a person spiritually, morally and personally instructing to abide from the wrong doings.

Holy Quran as Prophetic Mission

Holy Quran strengthens the prophetic mission i.e. to address the commandments and orders of ALLAH Almighty and to ask every Muslim to worship the only ALLAH by honouring the oneness of ALLAH. The mission of Prophets is to guide the person and to enlighten his or her heart by revealing to the lights of reckoning.

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