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Some Interesting Facts About The Holy Quran

  • The longest Surah is Al Baqarah, and the shortest is Al Kowthar.
  • The longest verse is the aayat of Mudaayanah (verse.282 of Surah Baqarah), and the shortest verse is Ha Meem.
  • The longest written word in The Quran is:
    (verse 22 of Surah Hijr)
  • The aayat of Mudaayanah contains twenty three kaafs. This is the most in a single aayat.
  • There are only two verses in The Holy Quran in which all the letters of the Arabic alphabet are found: the first is verse 154 of Surah Aala Imraan, and the second is the last verse of Surah Fatah, which starts with the words: “MUHAMMADUR RASOOLULLAH”
  • There are only three places in The Quran (according to the qiraat of Imam Hafs) where four tashdeeds appear one after the other. These are as follows:
  • There is only one Surah of three verses which has ten wauws, and this is Suratul Asr (Wal Asri).
  • The most fathas to appear consecutively (15 in total) are found in the following words of Surah Baqarah:
  • There are only two places in The Quran where two Haas ( ) appear one after the other, without another letter separating them. These are:
  • Similarly, two kaafs together without any separation appear only twice, as in the following words:
  • Two Ghains ( ) together in this manner appear only once in the whole Quran, as follows:
  • There are only three verses in the entire Quran which begin with a Ghain. These are:
  • The most amazing Surah in The Quran is Surah Hajj, for it contains verses which were revealed in Makka, and in Medina, verses which were revealed at home and on a journey, verses which were revealed in battle and during times of peace, verses which abrogated others and which itself were abrogated by other verses.
  • The most fascinating Surah in The Quran is Surah Yusuf. Allah Himself calls it Ahsanul Qasas, the most beautiful of stories. It is so fascinating because in it Allah has displayed the two opposites of everything in life,such as, the King and the subject, the lover and the beloved, the rich and the poor, imprisonment and freedom, drought and rainfall, famine and abundance of food, love and hatred, anger and forgiveness, illness and good health, and so forth.
  • Surah Rahman is known as Uroosul Quran, which means the bride of The Quran. In it the verse:
    appears 31 times throughout.
  • Many issues in The Quran are mentioned in dual form, i.e. two things of similar nature mentioned together. This is quite common in The Quran. A typical example of this is Surah Shams.

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